UniSea Shipping

Is an allround shipping company currently operating 16 vessels within the range between 3800 dwt, 6500 dwt, 7200 dwt and since May 2011 a second 8200 dwt was added to the fleet. UniSea Shipping was founded in January 2005. From the main office in Sneek, Holland we operate our fleet of vessels which are sailing world wide.

UniSea Shipping is taking care of complete vessel management (technical, nautical, ISM, ISPS and crewing) and can also assist with financing of all kinds of maritime projects. All vessels are 100% owned by UniSea Shipping. All vessels sailing with UniSea Shipping are registered in Holland and are sailing under Dutch flag. The vessels are all sailing with young, well educated sailors with experience.


As from 2008 we can offer complete technical vessel management and commercial management for all types of vessels under any flag. In house experience on RoRo/container, chemical and gastankers and general cargo/bulk vessels contribute in reliability of the shore organisation.

The company main objectives are; Safety, Reliability and Flexibility.

Long term contracts has been signed with several major partners to ensure the continuity of vessels and company. In this way a cost effective structure is built within the complete company. Short and direct lines between the vessel and management contribute to a healthy way of managing the vessels. The vessels within the fleet of UniSea Shipping are all equipped with the latest navigational and technical equipment. The engines are running on low sulphur fuel, have IAPP certificates, and full automatic fuel seperators. The bridge is designed in the most ergonomical way and equipped with ECDIS sea chart system and the latest GMDSS equipment for sailing area A3, including a possibility to have internet and email on board.

UniSea Shipping has develloped his own computerbased maintenance program and vessel own financial program. All harbour, crewing, ISM and ISPS required forms are implemented in this program. Further stock control and orders can be made within this program. Maintenance is important on our vessels and time and money is invested to keep the vessels in perfect shape. A well maintained vessel is safe and reliable. The software program MARASOFT contributes to this. All technical and deck components are implemented in this program and on basis on time or running hours a maintenance scheme is made. This is reducing the break-down maintenance.

Lubricating oils and bunker quality are continuously monitored by labaratorium tests and replaced if necessary.