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Marozmaritime software shipmanagement     17-3-2015

Maroz Maritime Software MAROZ Maritime Software has developed a solution for the shipping industry. The software is currently in use by shippi... »Read More
mv Beaumagic spotted     5-11-2012

Our vessel mv Beaumagic is spotted at Blyth by mr Coussons. Vessel loaded a cargo of RDFin bales for Sweden. ... »Read More

As from the 2nd of October the 6500dwt vessel Performer built in 2007 has joined the UniSea Fleet. The vessel had been taken over from her previous... »Read More
Beaumaiden passing Istanbul     24-9-2012

Vessel mv Beaumaiden loaded a cargo of Urea at the Netherlands for Bulgaria. As vessel passes by the Istanbul strait agency Vertom Turkey made below... »Read More
Workmeeting at Beautrophy     11-9-2012

Each vessel of UniSea ShipManagement is visited regular by members of the Nautical and Technical Department and Crewing. This to closely monitor an... »Read More
mv Beaumaiden meets mv Beaumare     10-9-2012

Our vessels mv Beaumaiden and mv Beaumare passed each other during sailing. Vessel met at providence channel Bahamas. Both captain made pictures ... »Read More

Vessel Beautriton was drydocked between 24rd and 30th of August and underwent her second maintenance interval on her main engine and first underwater... »Read More
MV PROGRESS in UniSea Fleet.     15-8-2012

As from July 2012 the vessel PROGRESS is in technical and nautical management with Unisea ShipManagement. The vessel is a 2009 built 6500tdw vessel... »Read More
mv Beaumerit spotted     13-8-2012

Our vessel mv Beaumerit was spotted by M. Coster on 12th of August. He took the picture when she was passed IJmond. The Beaumerit loaded a cargo o... »Read More
Mr. Richard Stel     26-7-2012

Due to natural expanding of our fleet we also have a similar growth in shore based personnel and sincerely welcome Mr. Richard Stel. Richard has ... »Read More
MV Beaumaris     25-7-2012

Our vessel mv Beaumaris passed the Turkisg strait on the 25th of July. Our agent from Vertom took a picture. ... »Read More
Beautriumph spotted     16-7-2012

Our vessel Beautriumph was spotted at Rotterdam by mr. J. Bouman. Vessel was sailing on the nieuwe waterweg towards Antwerp to load general cargo fo... »Read More
mv Beauforce spotted     12-7-2012

Our vessel mv Beauforce was spotted at Barendrecht by mr. Piet Verspui. ... »Read More
mv Beaumonde spotted     6-6-2012

Our vessel mv beaumonde was spotted on the 5th of June on the Zwartewaal by mr. Jack Bouman. Vessel loaded a cargo of gypsum at Rotterdam for Sittin... »Read More
Breakbulk Europe 2012     30-5-2012

On the 22nd until the 24th of May the event Breakbulk Europe took place at Antwerp. Breakbulk is the largest and most important gathering in Eur... »Read More
FAST AND FURIOUS HT2012     22-5-2012

Our employee Jitze Landman, member of the Twirre rowing team from Makkum, won the legendary race HT2012. With almost three minutes gap between th... »Read More
mv Beautriumph     14-5-2012

Our vessel mv Beautriumph was spotted at Leixoes on the 3rd of May by mr. Zarkema. Vessel carried general cargo from South America to Leixoes. ... »Read More
mv Beaumerit spotted     2-5-2012

Our vessel mv Beaumerit was sailing and passed the Kings Ferry Bridge when she spotted by mr David Newell. Vessel loaded a cargo of gypsum at Ger... »Read More
mv Beaumagic spotted     10-4-2012

Our vessel mv Beaumagic was spotted at Weser germany by mr. Klaus Brandyk. Beaumagic was on her way to load cargo of Gypsum at Hamburg for the UK. ... »Read More
mv Beaumagic     4-4-2012

Our vessel mv Beaumagic is the second vessel of Unisea Shipping and is presently sailing for 5 years. As you might know after 5 year vessels are obl... »Read More
mv Beaumerit spotted     21-3-2012

Our vessel mv Beaumerit was spotted at Rotterdam. Vessel loaded a cargo of soda ash at Turkey for Rotterdam. ... »Read More
mv Beaumaiden spotted     20-2-2012

Our vessel mv Beaumaiden was spotted at Goole port by mr. Ward. Vessel loaded a cargo of sand in Antwerp and discharged all cargo at Goole. ... »Read More
mv Beaumerit spotted     14-2-2012

Our vessel mv Beaumerit was spotted on the Maas at Rotterdam by mr Verspui. The mv Beaumerit was loading a cargo of corn for Turkey. ... »Read More
mv Beautrophy     13-2-2012

mv Beautrophy loaded metros in Spain for Venezuela. For the mv Beautrophy it is the 2nd time that she loaded this cargo. She will arrive in Venzu... »Read More
mv Beaumagic in rescue operation     9-2-2012

On Friday 03/02/2012 a Dutch flagged vessel of 5380 dwt has sent a Mayday as it was making heavy list after shifting of cargo. The vessel was on he... »Read More
Ports around the world     7-2-2012

UniSea visits ports around the globe. The list of (exotic) ports visited by our vessels rapidly expanding. Kobe Japan, Cilegon Indonesia, Singapore... »Read More
Are your Blue BEAU's GREEN?     3-2-2012

This question is frequently asked to me a lot; and the answer is YES! Despite the deep blue color on the outside of the vessel the carriage of cargo... »Read More
mv Beaumotion maiden voyage     24-1-2012

Our new vessel mv Beaumotion sailed Friday the 20th of January from Harlingen on her maiden voayage. The mv Beaumotion was fixed from Norway to Gree... »Read More
MV Beaumerit     17-1-2012

Our new vessel mv Beaumerit was spotted at Gibraltar. She loaded a cargo of granite stones at Aliaga for Rotterdam. ... »Read More
mv Beautriumph     27-12-2011

Our vessel mv Beautriumph was spotted at the oude Mass. ... »Read More
mv Beaumonde spotted     22-12-2011

Our vessel mv Beaumonde was spotted at Bremen. She loaded a cargo of gypsum for the UK. ... »Read More
mv Beaumonde     16-12-2011

Our new vessel the mv Beaumonde sailed on the 15th of December from Harlingen to Bremen. The Beaumonde is fixed from Bremen to Sittingbourne with gy... »Read More
mv Beauforte spotted     28-11-2011

The mv Beauforte was spotted at La Coruna by mr José Montero. Vessel was loading a cargo of metros for South America. ... »Read More
mv Beautriton at Flushing     21-11-2011

Our vessel mv Beautriton loaded general cargo at Flushing for South America. The mv Beautriton will be back in Europe within two months. ... »Read More
mv Beautrophy at Shanhai     15-11-2011

In the beginning of September a time charter was agreed for the mv Beautrophy for a period of 100-150 days, vessel was sailing to ports in India, Ch... »Read More
mv Beautrophy spotted     26-9-2011

Our vessel mv beautrophy was spotted by mr. Akcabal at Istanbul. Vessel loaded cargo to the far east. ... »Read More
mv Beautrader spotted     20-9-2011

Vessel mv Beautrader was spotted from the air by mr Sergio Furtado at Porto de Santos. ... »Read More
mv Beaumare spotted     6-9-2011

Our vessel mv Beaumare was spotted by mr. Thurman-Newell at the Kingsferry bridge at Kent. Vessel was sailing towards Belgium. ... »Read More
mv Beautriumph and mv Beautriton at Paramaribo     8-8-2011

Beautriumph and Beautriton berthed at the same time at Paramaribo Suriname. Captain Tabakov of the mv Beautriumph took some pictures. ... »Read More
mv Beaumare spotted at Sharpness     1-8-2011

The mv Beaumare was spotted at Sharpness by Mike Nash, Vessel Beaumare spotted in evening sun by Mike Nash, while underway to Sharpness on river S... »Read More
mv beauforce at Corpus Christi      28-7-2011

mv Beauforce loaded petcoke at Corpus Christi for Spain and the Netherlands Captain Smirnov took pictures from the bay and skyline for our lady Ca... »Read More
Spotted mv Beaumaris     15-7-2011

Our vessel mv Beaumaris was spotted by mr J.M. Crans. The Beaumaris was loading clay at Moerdijk for France. ... »Read More

On the 19 of June 2011 on 0130 Beautriton received a distress call from sailing vessel Snoopy with one person and a dog on board which was within 1... »Read More

During the first dry-docking, the vessels of UniSea Shipping will be upgraded to comply with Class In Water Survey. This means that vessels only have... »Read More
mv Beautrader spotted     8-6-2011

Our vessel mv Beautrader was spotted on the Westerschelde, Terneuzen by Taco Boendermaker on 29.05.2011. Vessel was sailing towards England. ... »Read More
Christening mv Beauforte     31-5-2011

On the 27th of May vessel Beauforte was Christened by Carolien de Boer, Carolien works for Unisea Shipping as crewing manager since August 2008. W... »Read More
mv Beautriumph ready to sail after docking      27-4-2011

After a week of hard work our vessel Beautriumph was ready to sail out from Shipdock Harlingen. She left Harlingen port 27th of April with sun dissa... »Read More
mv Beautriumph for docking     20-4-2011

The mv Beautriumph sailed from Rotterdam to Harlingen for her 3 year docking survey. During her stay vessel mv Beautriumph was spotted by André Koor... »Read More
Breaking the ice     14-4-2011

Due ice breaker OTSO ( means king of the forest) our vessel mv Beautrophy reached and left Finland safely. ... »Read More
Spotted mv Beaumaris     11-4-2011

Our vessel mv Beaumaris was spotted by mr Huug Pieterse ( on 10.04.2011, vessel was sailing on the waterweg. The mv Beaumar... »Read More
Christening mv Beauforce     1-4-2011

On the 31st of March the vessel Beauforce was Christened by mrs L. Slokker, spouse of J. Slokker founder of Interrijn BV. Interrijn operates a m... »Read More
mv Beautrophy discharging metro's at Venezula     28-3-2011

The mv Beautrophy was discharging Metro's at Venezula During loading somebody got tired of the heavy lift and took a nap. ... »Read More
Beauforce loading yachts for the USA     17-1-2011

Our new lady Beauforce loaded 8 pleasure yachts at France for the USA ... »Read More
Unisea Shipping wishes everybody a merry christmass and a happy new year     24-12-2010

... »Read More

Owners and Shipyard made a successful test trial with the latest vessel of the UniSea Shipping fleet BEAUFORCE. She is a 118 meters long, 8300dwt gea... »Read More
Beautrader loaded reels     2-11-2010

Our vessel Beautrader loaded 14 reels from South America for the Netherlands ... »Read More
Beaumaiden loading tanks     25-10-2010

The Beaumaiden is loading two big tank on deck for Spain ... »Read More
Beautrader loading reels     22-9-2010

Beautrader is loading reels in Europe for South America ... »Read More
Beaumare at Iceland     12-8-2010

Vessel Beaumare made two port calls in Iceland, one for discharging and also backloading. We received beautiful pictures of the crew well enjoying th... »Read More
NO CANAL TO FAR     21-7-2010

As you can see from the picture UniSea Shipping can almost deliver door to door. When there is water, we are there. Picture is taken on the Manchest... »Read More

To meet company and international safety requirements the emergency steering procedure is frequently tested. Locally the rudder can be moved by pushi... »Read More

To assist in the largest oil cleaning operation ever in the US Gulf the vessel Beaumagic is carrying an oil cleaning vessel to the USA on het deck.... »Read More
Yachts on board     18-3-2010

Beautriumph carried on her north bound voyage again yachts with her as deck cargo. The yachts were loaded in sunny Carib and discharged in France. Th... »Read More
Beautriton dedicated yacht carrier     5-3-2010

Again the vessel Beautriton carried yachts from the Carib to European waters. The vessels dimensions and ability to load independent from shore facil... »Read More
CROWS NEST     29-1-2010

Old days are back again with our crow's nest to search for pirates and tuna. On board of the Beautriumph the crowns nest is tested at the anchorage. ... »Read More

As shown on the picture the vessels of UniSea Shipping have tropical sailing areas. In many ports the mooringlines are made tight on a tree or some... »Read More

With 90% of the fleet changed over to fleetbroadband the results are even more positive as calculated. Satellite traffic costs have reduced 75% and w... »Read More

The vessel Beaumaiden carried a full load of reefercontainers on board towards Trinidad after an electrical refitting in the port of Rotterdam. Durin... »Read More

BEAUTRITON has carried the sailing yacht BT, an OPEN 60 competing in the Jacques Varbe Transat 2009 race from Le Havre to Costa Rica. In a storm the ... »Read More
Beautriton at Hamburg     28-12-2009

Vessel BEAUTRITON encountered a severe snowstorm in the port of Hamburg while loading her cargo for Caribbean Sea. While temperatures reached minus ... »Read More
Unisea Shipping wish you a happy new year     28-12-2009

... »Read More

The Beautriton headed for sea mid October and was bound for Southern waters. As the vessel was delayed over the summer holidays she was like a young ... »Read More
Bianca Kuipers underway     20-10-2009

Almost all vessels are financed based on a mortgage and own capital of the shipping company. When the vessel future owners accept the vessel from the... »Read More

Monday 12 October the mv BEAUTRITON was Christened by mrs C. de Jong, wife of mr A. de Jong financial director of Unity Chartering in Antwerp. The... »Read More

On the 27th of September at exact 13:23UTC while the vessel BEAUTROPHY crossed the equator she was boarded at full sea by King Neptune and his court.... »Read More
Salvage at sea     2-9-2009

On Saturday the 28th the Beautrophy discovered a lifeboat drifting at sea. On the lifeboat the name Costa Deliziosa was pained and her callsign. It ... »Read More
Broadband on UniSea Fleet.     26-8-2009

UniSea Shipping is introducing a new standard in satellite communication between the office and her vessels; Fleet broadband. With this new service ... »Read More

The vessel Beautrophy is crossing the US Gulf for the 8th time already since beginning of 2009. The size of the vessel suits excellent the requirem... »Read More
School is out for the summer     6-7-2009

While awaiting berth for loading copperplates in Rotterdam the vessel Beaumagic dropped anchor. Unfortunally the captain just dropped the anchor on t... »Read More
Test trial BEAUTRITON.     19-6-2009

On a sunny Waddenzee our latest vessel BEAUTRITON made a partial succesfull test trial. While sailing between the island Terschelling and Vlieland sp... »Read More
BEAUTRADER sets sail     3-6-2009

On the pictures below you can see why we receive so many applications from crew who like to sail on our vessels. The BEAUTRADER loaded on a Caribbean... »Read More
JSF on board of BEAUTROPHY      27-5-2009

A cargo not frequently on board of our vessels are airplanes. BEAUTROPHY took a very special airplane on board; a JSF. This combined project of USA a... »Read More
BEAUMARIS to CUBA     27-5-2009

Fully loaded with bulk cargo the BEAUMARIS set sail for Cuba. While the cargo market is not positive in Europe we prefer to sail to other continent... »Read More

An unique sight in the port of Bilbao; both vessels BEAUTRIUMPH and BEAUTROPHY visited the port of Bilbao. While the BEAUTRIUMPH discharged cargo f... »Read More

The Beautrader sailed Tuesday 24 March from Harlingen to Flushing for her Maiden voyage on a Rocky NorthSea. With stormy winds from the West the vess... »Read More
Test trial Beautrader      13-3-2009

On March the 13th the Beautrader sailed to the Waddenzee for her test trial. During her test trial she encoutered the ferry Friesland from Doeksen ... »Read More
CURRENT MARKET SITUATION 2-03-2009     5-3-2009

As global meltdown in financial and economic world is also passing by UniSea Shipping we will keep our focus on long term planning and consist in inn... »Read More

With the passing of the Panama Canal by the vessel BEAUTROPHY we as UniSea Shipping headed for the only ocean not yet sailed by us; The Pacific. Last... »Read More
BEAUTROPHY CHRISTENED 16-11-2008     5-3-2009

Finally after a long construction period the BEAUTROPHY headed for sea on the 16th of November. A busy and hectic constructing period continued durin... »Read More
Unisea moved to a new office     17-2-2009

Unisea Shipping is growing both in numbers of ships and personnel. This is the reason why we have moved to a new office. Our office is located at S... »Read More
EAST MEETS WEST     6-1-2009

12 december 2008 The Beaumaris sailed from South America to Rotterdam and the Beaumare left from Kuantan to Dordrecht. Both vessels met each other... »Read More

22 October 2008 A trip late October from Rotterdam to and from Algeciras made by mv Beaumaiden was one to remember; the vessel had to bring and ta... »Read More
Beaumaiden Naming Ceremony     18-7-2008

Eva van der Velde, daughter of C. van der Velde, director operations within UniSea Shipping, performed the naming and baptising ceremony of the BEAUM... »Read More
Maiden voyage Beautriumph     18-7-2008

The picture shows a good impression of the deckcargo loaded for sunny destinations on the Beautriumph. Below decks over 1800 units are placed on both... »Read More
Beautriumph Christened     24-6-2008

On the 20th of june the vessel Beautriumph was Christened in the port of Harlingen.

The vessel is the first of a serie of 7200dwt geared v
... »Read More
Night vision     8-4-2008

From the vessel Beaumagic we received a dashboard lightning overview at night time. Clearly visible the two radars and the ECDIS on night vision. In ... »Read More
Beaumare christined.     4-4-2008

In front of the Port of Rotterdam office on the idyllic Wilhelmina quay, the vessel BEAUMARE was Christened on the 28th of April by mrs. M. Waande... »Read More

NB 9404 in progress.     20-3-2008

NB9404 in progress. On the shipyard in Ukraine the hull of NB is almost completed. The vessel is made ready for towage to Harlingen where the fina... »Read More

Tall ship arrives in Harlingen.     21-2-2008

Finally on the 13th of february the hull of the largest vessel in the fleet of UniSea Shipping arrived in the port of Harlingen. Escorted by the coas... »Read More
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